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Nandigram, Khejuri showcase CPI(M), TMC divide

Kolkata, April 5: The aftermath of March 14 firings in Nandigram seems to have lingered on with Nandigram and Khejuri witnessing a spurt of abductions of late.

As Trinamool Congress and CPI(M) keep levelling charges at each other, three residents of Nandigram and one from Khejuri, were allegedly abducted on Wednesday. However, all four returned home on Thursday, reportedly after police intervention.

It must be noted in this context that an almost virtual line of control has been created along the Nandigram-Khejuri border at Bhangabera and Tekhali, with people forbidden from crossing the line. This despite the fact that Nandigram and Khejuri, now controlled by TMC and CPI(M) respectively, and sharing common schools, ration shops and markets. People actually have to put their lives at stake to avail the facilities.

"Complaints are pouring in from both Nandigram and Khejuri, alleging that residents have been kidnapped by miscreants from the other village. We are trying to resolve the issue. However, we are yet to post our men at several areas in Nandigram," said G Srinivas, police super in East Midnapore.

According to the police, 16 cases of abduction have been lodged at the Nandigram police station and five at the Khejuri police station in the last one month.

CPI(M) leader Ashok Guria said, "There is no police and administration in Nandigram. Miscreants backed by TMC are using this opportunity to terrorise people of Khejuri and abduct them. We have taken the matter up with the police."

"CPI(M) supporters abducted three villagers yesterday. We retaliated by abducting one from Khejuri. They have been harassing our men since the March 14 incident," said Sishir Adhikary, local TMC leader.

According to police, Gobordhan Das, Khudiram Das and Lalu Mondal, residents of Sonachura were picked up by unidentified miscreants from the Bhangabera bridge while they were on their way to collect rations from Khejuri. Within an hour, a similar complaint was lodged at Khejuri police station alleging one Sripati Jana was missing.

However, on Thursday morning, Khejuri police identified the three missing men and sent them to Nandigram police station. Sripati Jana was also traced by the Nandigram police who returned the man back to his home in Khejuri.

The two bridges of Bhangabera and Tekhali, which borders Nandigram, are vital for the free movement of people from both Nandigram and Khejuri. People often visit the area for markets since the local 'haat' is held twice in Nandigram and once in Khejuri every week.

Vegetable vendors and farmers selling their produce, belonging to either side, are finding life difficult. Moreover schools and work also gets affected.

The Telegraph

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