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Message of the CMC on the occasion of fourth anniversary of PLGA

Friend, It's an old statement by CPI(Maoist) Central Military Commission

Dear comrades,

We feel extremely proud to tell you that on 21st September, 2004, along with the merger of the two Maoist parties of the country – the CPI(ML)(PW) and the MCCI and the formation of Communist party of India(Maoist) — their two guerrilla armies have also become one. The merger of these two guerrilla armies – the PGA and PLGA is a historic event that will be remembered for ever. With this merger, the newly formed PLGA is the outcome of the dreams of thousands of immortal martyrs who have sacrificed their lives.

In India’s history, 2nd December 2000, was that first day when the struggling guerrilla fighters tempered for a long period in the agrarian revolutionary struggle being carried on under the leadership of the CPI(ML)(PW), on the first anniversary of the martyrdom of their three central leaders – comrades Shyam, Mahesh and Murali on 2nd December 1999 — formed the People’s Guerrilla Army. A similar memorable day was 22nd April, 2003 when the fighting guerrillas tempered for a long time in the agrarian revolutionary struggle, under the leadership of the MCCI, announced the formation of their strong military organisation the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. Although, both these armies were formed under the leadership of two different parties, they were the same in essence. Today, their merger is really a significant event. The newly formed PLGA is that section of the country’s revolutionary people, which is fighting for smashing imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism, the enemies of more than one hundred crore of the country’s population. This has been formed with a conscious, armed and organised people and is a true military organisation of the people in a real sense. The spirit of serving the people and true commitment for the party, revolution and people are its characteristics that make it very popular.

The newly formed PLGA is the beacon light of the oppressed people of India, when the people have plunged into protracted people’s war with the firm determination of fighting to the finish, the exploitation and oppression of imperialist-feudal rule. Today, not only in India but in the entire world, the entire people, including workers, peasants, students, youth, intellectuals, women, artists, small shopkeepers, small and medium businessmen, traders, teachers, doctors, lawyers and all progressive and patriotic forces are strongly opposing imperialism, specially its leader American imperialism and its stooges, in some form or the other. The star of people’s war is shining high in India, Nepal, Peru, Philippines and even Turkey. At the same time, in some places in the country, nationality movements are getting sharpened and elsewhere the spontaneous struggles of the broad sections of people against famine, starvation, inflation, unemployment etc are surfacing. The anger of the people is bursting against floods and famines, and in some places against liberalisation, privatization and globalisation elsewhere. In such a situation, all the weapons of the ruling classes that were being used to render directionless the movements for the just demands of the people or to crush them in the name of peaceful methods, have now become blunt. Even weapons like communalism, chauvinism, casteist riots have become useless. The ruling classes have been compelled to adopt newer and newer cruel methods of repression through the state in order to protect its class. With the tearing up of all the masks of the enemy, their actual frightening face has been uncovered. People are beginning to realize that the path of armed struggle is the only real path for the solution of their problems. In such a favourable revolutionary situation, the emergence of newly formed PLGA really has infinite significance.

The PLGA is an army that is led by the party of the proletarian class i.e.- – the Communist party of India (Maoist), based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. This army, composed of worker-peasant toiling people, steeled in the furnace of armed revolutionary guerrilla war and protracted people’s war of India, is the army of the people. This is inspired by the most scientific ideal of the world, the great ideal of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and it is an integral part of liberation army of the world proletariat. Who can harm an army which is full of the spirit of love for the country, deep regard for the people, spirit of serving the people with love and faith and whose young fighters have firm faith in their ultimate victory and who are skilled in the war of fighting against the enemy by integrating with the people like fish in the water?

Today our PLGA faces many important challenges. We have to accept those challenges and in order to firmly face any challenge, howsoever big it might be, we will have to move ahead increasing our strength, capacity, resolve and will power. Today, PLGA’s principal and central task is to transform ourselves into a fully developed People’s Liberation Army and to establish red base areas in planned strategic areas surrounded by guerrilla areas. This task is difficult but possible. Today, in various parts of the country, especially in AP, Jharkhand, Bihar and DK and many adjoining areas, vast guerrilla areas exist where it is possible to implement the tactics of guerrilla struggle. PLGA is also doing the same in those areas. In these areas which have dense mass base and which are geographically favourable; people have also become used to harming the enemy in one way or the other in the course of facing the attacks and suppression –oppression of enemy during the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war, continuing for a long time. And today, an all India true Maoist party is present. And also present is a concrete base for independent economic new construction. Therefore, it can be said that the task of establishment of red base areas, despite being difficult, is possible today. For this, first of all, it is important to uproot the remaining military power of enemy from the pre-planned strategic areas through continuous tactical counter attacks on them. Only after that, it is possible to form a government of workers, peasants and soldiers i.e. a true people’s government.

The primary and basic precondition for the transformation and maintenance of PLGA into PLA i.e. People’s liberation army, is the establishment of base areas. Without properly coordinating and advancing the interrelations between armed agrarian revolution, people’s army and base area, it is certainly not possible to take agrarian revolution to higher stage create countrywide upsurge and advancing like waves, to free the entire country from the exploitation – rule of imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism and to build a new democratic state by completing the new democratic revolution. Comrade Mao has said about the tasks of red army – when the red army fights, it is not merely for the sake of fighting but it fights to mobilize, organise and arm the people and to help the people in establishing its revolutionary political power. Without these objectives, fighting becomes meaningless and it is useless to continue the red army. Keeping this in mind only, apart from fighting the military forces of the enemy, the PLGA will have to make the masses of people politically more conscious, will have to organise and arm the people and at the same time, will have continuously increase in numbers and consolidate its three basic forces – village defence squads, people’s militia; LRGS and SRGS, platoons and companies. It will also have to help the people in every possible way to take the armed mass resistance to even higher level. It will have to completely help them to establish their red political power and will have to make armed seizure campaign like Koraput(Orissa) and glorious and developed guerrilla ambush like Saranda (Jharkhand) as models and will have to make plans for and implement many fights like this.

In today’s circumstances, PLGA will be able to continue its struggle and to take it to higher and higher stage only when it becomes self reliant in every matter. PLGA will have to arrange for its food, medicine, clothing, arms, ammunition etc itself, will have to keep itself informed about every possible activity of the enemy and on that basis will have to decide its tactics and make a plan accordingly and implement it. For this, it will have to establish its intelligence, will have to establish its communication system, form commands, will have to maintain their mutual relations and will always have to keep initiative in its hands and will have to develop all kinds of mechanisms essential for all this. Today the state machinery of the enemy class, is centralizing its forces by forming the joint operational command. They are carrying on the campaign of all round attack on us. They are destroying us by centralizing special task force, commando, greyhound and various kinds of trained military and paramilitary forces which are part of JOC. Keeping this understanding in mind, PLGA will have to do multi-pronged counter attacks on the enemy also by forming its own joint operational commands in various guerrilla areas. In this way, it will have to conduct the campaign for destroying the enemy by launching strong attacks on the enemy one by one with the help of its big formations and will have to advance this campaign. We will have to implement comrade Mao’s directives about guerrilla war skillfully. He said – when you want to fight us, you can’t even find us; but when we want to fight you, we certainly find you and definitely eliminate you. you fight in your own way and we fight in our way. We only fight when we can win; and where there is no possibility of victory, we retreat from there. He said further that the objective of the war is to destroy the enemy and to protect ourselves. In fact we can protect ourselves in the real sense only through destroying the enemy on a large scale.

We can implement these tactics only when we fully integrate with the people. Therefore we should always deal with the people not in bureaucratic way but in a flexible and democratic way and should establish close relations with the people. At the same time, it should participate in production relations and also be conscious and make the people conscious towards protection of the environment.

In the end, we appeal to all the branches of PLGA that according to the call of the times, to intensify the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war and armed mass resistance and spread it to all corners of the country in order to make its forces even more broad, vast and consolidated. For this, move ahead in that direction of becoming self-reliant. Simultaneously, recruit the vast young men and women, and boys and girls, take steps to form new platoons, companies and even further, battalions. By participating in all the occasions of happiness and sorrow the people, and solving the contradictions between them in a friendly manner, we can mobilize them in large numbers in revolutionary fights and resistance struggles. At the same time, it will have to establish, systematize and properly run all its mechanisms, will have to centralize its forces even more for entering mobile warfare and regular war from guerrilla war and in this way systematizing and disciplining its basic, middle and main forces will have to go on increasing their big formations. In this way, we can the hasten the process of transforming PLGA into PLA, hasten transforming guerrilla areas into base areas and expanding them and through fulfilling these tasks, advance towards your aim by defeating the biggest to biggest strength of enemy.

Courageous comrades of PLGA, our beloved motherland is crying in the chains of imperialist slavery since ages. The broad masses of people are writhing in pain after becoming miserable due to cruel economic – political exploitation – rule and oppression of imperialism and its stooge – feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalist class. In this situation, in order to smash the three enemies and their bureaucratic state machinery which has become burden like a mountain on the shoulders of these people and by achieving victory in liberation war while continuing to serve people, advance with even greater spirit of self sacrifice for building a new and liberated India of the dreams of thousands of martyrs. Ultimate victory will definitely be ours.

1st November, 2004

With revolutionary greetings,




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