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Disturbing news coming from Narainpur in Bastar Region....

By Prabath

My sources from Narainpur have sent me a news which is really Shocking.6 innocent villagers were picked by the CRPF on monday night(02/04/07)and later killed in the name of naxalites.

The print/media has written nothingabout it so far.The place where this incident took place is around 25 kms from Narainpurin the "Rao Ghat" region of "Abhujh Maad" area.The spot is "Naya Basti"(Naya Basti in local language is a place where the Tribals from "AbhujMaad" clear the forest land to do farming.This is an age old Tradition)which falls near Village "Kolur" and Village "Kosarunda".

Its high time the front line Press and Media realise that the truth never comes out of Bastar.Daily innocent Tribals are falling victim to the atrocities of the Armed Forces.If in Kashmir there is a talk or removing the Army then why not in Bastar region.

Instead State Government is asking Center for more Forces.Why not since both Congress and BJP know very well that Armed Forces are very important to loot the immense mineral reserve of Bastar Region without making Tribals a part of it.

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posted by Resistance 4/05/2007 06:19:00 PM,


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