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No kids in Bihar schools, only cops

Patna: Children usually fear teachers when they go to school but in many schools in Bihar, it's the police that the children are afraid of.

They have been forced to attend their lessons outside the classrooms because their classrooms have been taken over by the Bihar Police, who are now using it to catch up on their beauty sleep.And this is not a one off case. Children from across the state face inconveniences because the policemen have occupied the school premises.

"The police don't allow us to play," a student, Sanoj Kumar says."We can't use the toilet because of the police," another student Indu Kumari says.After voicing their complaints several times, even the teachers are now at a loss."The police have captured two rooms. So much money was spent in building the classroom but now the policemen are sleeping there peacefully," a teacher, Kamleshwar Singh says.

Meanwhile, the government has promised to look into this problem."We've planned many meetings to resolve this problem," Bihar Education Minister, Brishan Patel says.Even though the government has held several meetings, no action has been taken so far.The illegal occupancy by the Bihar Police is an indicator of failure for the government that is claiming to rebuild a new Bihar. IBN

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posted by Resistance 4/04/2007 04:40:00 PM,


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