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Spare a Thought for Ramesh Sori of Bastar.....

By Prabhat

Ramesh who looks like a teenager but claims to be 20 yrs old from Sirpur village in Narainpur District
left his elderly parents to earn money so that he can marry the girl chosen by his parents who in turn will
take care of them....

After working hard for nearlly one year fate had something else instore for him.The girl he was suppose to marry
was taken away by the security forces because she is suppose to have attended a meeting organised by the
Naxalites...Does this make sense?Girls and Boys aging between 12 to 18 years are ruthlessly being killed by the
armed forces in the name of naxalites or arrested as Maoist-Sympathiser.

I am sure that these boys and girls don't even understand for what they are being prosecuted.Is it possible in the remote
areas of Bastar where even Armed forces have no access to differentiate between who is a naxalite or not?Is our Forces
qualified enough to spare the innocent Adivasis?Infact this gives them chance to unleash terror in Tribal villages by raping
women and killing men in the name of naxalism.

Where does this leave thousands of young boys and girls languishing in different jails of Chhattisgarh?Will they be able to
lead a normal life once their innocence is proved?Will the Armed Forces be able to remove the permanent damage done to
the character of these young boys and girls?

Yesterday a Nagpur based NGO told about the horrible conditions of women in Orissa jail.They have been in jail for nearlly
3 years without any trial.Their crime is the usual.Naxal Sympathiser.

Whether its Orissa,Chhattisgarh,Jharkhand the tribals are being systematically being made to disappear under the name
of crime against the state or "Salwa Judum".......

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posted by Resistance 3/06/2007 12:06:00 AM,


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