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Naxals meet in public, govt red faced

New Delhi: In 2004 the Peoples War Group (PWG) and the MCC joined to form the Communist Party of India (Maoist).

Recently this group held a meeting on the Bihar-Jharkhand border and distributed tapes of the proceedings to the government and to the press.

The fact that an outlawed organisation can meet in the full public view flies in the face of the Jharkand government, which has been claiming success in deal with Naxalites.

The Ninth Unity Congress of CPI (Maoists) was also a message to the Home Ministry that increased security presence didn't bother them and this cocky attitude was reflected in the murder of JMM MP Sunil Mahato.

The Union Home Ministry report says that more than 40 people were involved in the murder.

"We get on to this exercise of the areas which are hypersensitive and/or the persons who have taken sound positions. So, we will review," said Union Home Secretary V K Duggal.

This is not the first time that Jharkhand has been rapped by the Centre for its inability to deal with Naxalite terror.

Jharkhand has not being following the do's and don'ts laid down by the Centre for Naxalite-affected states.

The Central team that visited Jharkhand has put to rest that Mahato's murder was politically motivated.

It was known for some time that the village defence committees were on the hit list of the Maoists.

Better development activities would have helped curb Naxalism in the state but with a wafer thin majority it's clear that the Madu Koda government has its survival in mind before anything else. IBN

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posted by Resistance 3/06/2007 12:21:00 AM,


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