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Respectable editors , reporters , other representatives of the media and democrats, struggle greetings to you.

For your kind information, we are sending this press release on the arrest of comrade Chennamma. Requesting the same to be published in the media.

Yours in struggle,


( For) The state committee


12-03-2007 Karnataka

Comrade chennamma was arrested unlawfully by the anti naxalite force of Karnataka. Arrest was made without any complaints and cases. Only reason behind this is working for downtrodden people, to which she belongs. She is working for the cause of adivasis and poor peasants. Her schooling is only 1st or 2nd standard. She learnt writing and reading after joining the people's movement. Her father Honnappa jaalagara is a poor peasant, a good people's singer and composer. He composed several people's songs on dalith, women, peasant, environment etc,those are singing by social activists and revolutionaries among the maasses still now. He is also not schooled.

How so called social justice and rule of law permits to arrest person like her? Without any case or complaint. What is the answer of so called socialist, home minister M.P. Prakash.Is this course of law? This is the hollowness and Indian democracy, there is no bourgeois democratic principles are following. State perpetrating feudal oppressive rules in the guise of democracy and freedom. These are continuously prevailing after1947. It's creamy layered democracy; freedom, republic etc are disappearing, according to their needs of exploitation and suppression. It acts strictly on common people and revolutionaries, progressives and true democrats. It, in essence, not acts upon anti people exploiters like big land lords, big capitalists etc.Kambaalapalli,Khairlangi,Tada victims, Mumbai blast cases, vacating slum dwellers and adivasis from their birth place,singur,thatkola of mudigere etc are few glaring examples for this.

In Amaase bylu area big landlords grabbed hundreds of acres lands of the poor and public.Peasent workers were less paid. Cashew industries are under the grip of these landlords, exploiting rural women workers by meager paying, over work and other ways. Land lords are controlling forest produce and it's market. Organs of state are providing all needful to them, giving them all protection and suppressing people's movement there.In 2005 police killed two of our comrades cold bloodedly in Devarabaalu.It is nearby Amaasebylu. In that Umesh of Angadi,Mudigere,Ajithkusubi of Belgaum lost their life for the people's cause. In that case also there was no cases on them. Even in such case also can kill anybody? Rulers are saying no. But ex DGP openly said shoot at sight order was issued against naxalites. In reality also this is happening. How this become their rule of law? Why not this applies to social oppressors and exploiters, who practicing killing,rape,gangwars,extortion,forcible land grabbing,etc. why not action taken on DGP?

We strongly condemning the arrest of com,Chennamma and demanding immediate release of her.All ill intentional foisting of false cases should be withdrawn immediately. Should treat her as respected social activist, as being a poor and woman she serving the people.

We requesting all democratic and progressive organizations and individuals to condemn this arrest and demand for her safe release from the prison.

Yours in struggle,


( For) The state committee

12-03-2007 CPI(Maoist)



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posted by Resistance 3/13/2007 02:02:00 PM,


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