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Resolution Against Dalit killings in Khairlanji

On 29th September 2006 upper caste forces with a feudal outlook brutally killed four members of a Dalit family in Khairlanjhi village (Mohadi Taluka, Bhandara district) in Maharashtra. Bhaiyala Bhotmange is the sole survivor in this family. The family tilled their own land for subsistence. His wife Surekha, daughter Prujanta, sons Roshan and Sudhir were beaten to death. Surekha and Priyanka were stripped, gang raped and paraded before the village and their private parts injured. The atrocities are a shame for humanity. The local BJP and NCP politicians are involved and helped them in suppressing the entire incident by using the police, administration and hospital officials.

That is why the Dalit masses all over the state came out on the streets spontaneously against these cruel killings and militantly protested. The desecration of the Ambedkar statue in Kanpur enflamed the masses even more and a series of bandhs were called and even two trains set on fire. The Congress and NCP led Maharashtra government, instead of acting against the culprits and giving justice to Bhotmanges’, launched police repression against the agitators. They used Lathi charge, curfews, firings and widespread arrests to crush the masses. Four Dalits died in these firings.

They exaggerated and propagated that Naxalites are involved in the agitation only in order to justify their repression. But the Dalit masses knew that Maoists have always stood with the oppressed. The masses took inspiration from this and intensified their agitation. The parliamentary Dalit politicians are using this mass agitation to bargain with the ruling parties. The anti-Dalit orientation of the Maharashtra Government stands completely exposed. Maharashtra government is a casteist fascist government of upper castes which seeks to maintain the feudal base so that imperialist exploitation can intensify.

The Unity Congress - 9th Congress of CPI (Maoist) strongly condemns the Khairlanjhi killings and stands firmly with the struggling Dalit masses. We uphold the struggle of Dalits for dignity and equality and call upon PLGA and masses to counter this killing. This Congress resolves to continuously struggle against Brahminical, casteist oppression and all forms of discrimination and untouchability. Dalits cannot gain liberation without armed struggle against the feudal order. Hence this Congress pledges to organuse mobilise Dalits for caste eradication as an integral part of New Democratic Revolution.

This Congress calls upon peasants to demand that all debts of peasantry be waived, agricultural subsidies be restored, investments in irrigation and other agricultural needs be increased, proper prices for agricultural products and ban on MNCs like Monsanto and their GM Seeds, and opposes the policies of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation.

Only New Democratic Revolution will solve the problems of the peasantry. While struggling on immediate demands we pledge to organise the vast masses of the peasantry to intensify the armed struggle to overthrow this semi-colonial, semi-feudal system.


posted by Resistance 3/19/2007 02:55:00 PM,


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