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Intelligence Bureau declares war on Pro-Maoist bloggers

Two days ago a popular forum run by us on a social networking site was taken down by the Intelligence agencies.Clearly the popularity of the forum was what alarmed the agents and in a sense of panic they decided to ask the service provider to delete this discussion forum of ours

which had approximately 200 members.

The forum contained nothing illegal nor did it promote violence.It was a place for popular discussion on current events, politics , with CPM bashing occupying most of our time.

We now believe that the Intelligence bureau is now monitoring all blogs ,email ids and groups which may even be slighly pro-maoist.Not only are all bloggers being monitored but also those who visit such blogs and subscribe to them through email.

Naxalrevolution and Resistance india along with other pro-maoist bloggers condemns this unwarranted harassment and aggression on part of the Cyber Intelligence and has decided to initiate suitable steps to safe guard the security of bloggers,readers and blogs.

In view of this development it has been decided that from

April 10th to April 14th

we will be observing

Internet Security Week

on this blog.

All regular posting has been suspended and we will be posting articles about the internet and create awareness about basic internet security all through this week.Regular programming resumes next week.


Team Naxal Revolution


posted by Resistance 4/09/2007 02:21:00 PM,


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