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Few Facts About Mahendra Karma's Interview..

By Prabath

In his interview given recently Mr.Karma claimed that two of his brothers

have been killed since the start of "Salwa Judum",that his convoy has been attacked n numbers of time,that his family living in their native village are alwaysin danger of naxal attack etc.

The Facts:- After the naxalites attacked Errabore Camp a fact finding team was sent from Delhi which also included Urmila Sing(tribal congress leader from Madhya Pradesh).To her surprise their team was recieved by one of the brother of Mr.Karma who was supposed to have been killed by naxalites few days back.She later found out that the person who was killed had a similar name as that of Karma's brother.But karma didn't waste any time in garnering sympathy in the name of his brothers death.

About his convoy being always a target of the Maoist,it is a popular belief among the locals of Bastar that even if there is a cracker sound coming from few kms from his convoy Mr.Karma claims that he has been attacked in front of the press and media.

He and his family never live in the village as claimed by Karma.The nearest Government Rest House is their permanent resting place everytime he goes to his native place and not their house in the village as claimed by him in the interview.

The truth is that the Tribals of Bastar feel cheated by him after "Salwa Judum".Even the SPOs are also turning their heat against him after "Rani Bodli" incident in which 39 SPOs were killed.

The tribals now realise that Karma has divided their community by making them fight against each other. In a desperate measure Karma formed "Chattisgarh Adivasi Mahapanchayat" recently for the welfare
of the Tribals but little does he realise that thousand of tribals have already been killed and displaced and their agriculture land lying unclaimed for the Tata's and Essar's to Acquire in Bastar just because he has been bought by the Multi National Companies and who in turn will sell this great Country to Imperialists like America???

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posted by Resistance 3/28/2007 10:02:00 PM,


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