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Virasam terms Bhu Poratam politically-motivated

Virasam terms Bhu Poratam politically-motivated
Thursday July 5 2007 12:05 IST

NELLORE: Revolutionary Writers Association (VIRASAM) working committee member Vara Vara Rao described Bhu Poratams of the Left parties as politically motivated movements, which have no objective and policy to do good to the poor.

Addressing a media conference, here on Wednesday, Rao wondered why the Left parties kept silent for three years of the Congress rule and took up the land struggle now. Reason is very simple, he said and explained that during last three years, Left parties were allies of the Congress Party in the absence of any major party available to form alliance with.

Now with Assembly elections on hand, to have their say, Left parties have taken up the land struggle. He also found fault with them for limiting their agitations to cities and towns and forgetting that there are poor living even in rural areas.

Rao demanded that the Government immediately resume 25,000 acres of land around Hyderabad City which is under illegal occupation. He said that land reforms and distribution was one of the important issues of talks held with the Government in 2004.

It was demanded that the Government distribute 1.25 crore acres of land to the poor.

VIRASAM member was very critical of the Government's policies and said that all of them are dictated by the World Bank. He blamed the Government for failure of talks with Maoists and said that there was no clause to put away arms, when the Naxal leaders were invited for talks.

Rao said that VIRASAM supports separate statehood for Telangana and opined that it can only be achieved through people's movements but not by political parties like TRS.


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