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Naxal threat in Tamil Nadu?

Naxal threat in Tamil Nadu?
Friday, July 13, 2007 07:50:33 am

/photo.cms?msid=2199603 The dreaded Red Corridor may just be pushing its boundaries. After intelligence reports that Naxals are trying to set up training camps in Tamil Nadu, police and the Special Task Force are undertaking massive combing operations to flush out the dreaded Naxalites.

Inside Naxal territory?

Police parties comb forests in Tamil Nadu
Police parties have been combing the forests between Theni and Madurai in Tamil Nadu, in a hunt for men who have virtually waged a war against the Indian state. Till now the infamous Red Corridor has covered areas spanning from Bihar to Andhra Pradesh - but now it seems Tamil Nadu has come within the red radar.

Over the last 10 days, as many as 6 Naxals including the top leader have been arrested and large caches of arms and ammunition seized.

Police sources say that though the Naxals don't pose such a serious threat yet, new Naxal camps are mushrooming in the area between Madurai and Theni because of the major crackdown against Naxals in bordering Andhra.

The state government is not taking any chances. In fact, ADGP K Vijayakumar, who managed to track down and nab the dreaded sandalwood smuggler Veerappan, has been now been called in.

"The search is still on and we have spread our forces. We have also taken assistance from other states," he says.

After 2002, this is the first time that the police have busted a Naxal group in Tamil Nadu. Police sources say that the priority now is to ensure that not even a single Naxalite is left free in the jungle and the combing operations will continue till then.



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