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Karnataka: ‘Naxal supporter’ list to be reviewed

Special Correspondent

Naxal sympathisers is a more appropriate

phrase: Prakash

Bangalore: Home Minister M.P. Prakash said here on Wednesday said that the list of "naxalite supporters" released by the Police Department would be reviewed in the light of the fact that it includes names of progressive thinkers.

Speaking to presspersons on the sidelights of a function organised by the Karnataka State Police Sports Control Board, the Minister, however, said that the list was not prepared by the police with any "ulterior motives". "Naxal sympathisers" is a more appropriate phrase to use rather than "Naxal supporters" to describe some in the list, he added.

Asked about increasing police encounters in the city, he claimed that the number was lower than the encounters in some other major cities in the country.


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posted by Resistance 6/28/2007 05:58:00 PM,


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