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News & Views on the Revolutionary Left

CPI (Maoist) Press release regarding the action taken on a Police informer

Source: Recieved by mail

Communist Party of India (Maoist)
Karnataka state committee

A squad of our PLGA(people's liberation guerilla army) executed the decision of the party to eliminate police informer Venkatesh , on 3rd of june , who is responsible for the murder of our beloved malnadu area committee member ,com .Dinakar on December 2006. Vekatesh took initiative to plan, inform and murder of com Dinakar. By that he inflicted much loss to the revolutionary movement in malnad. Venkatesh is exploiter of people he was running anti people businesses like arrack, money lending, and cheaply procuring forest produce from the common people. He was also active in anti people politics there. Regarding police informers we already openly declared as enemies of the people, irrespective of caste and class they belong to.

We published leaflets and conducted meetings on the matter. One's practice is deciding factor for ascertaining class nature. Informers are nothing but feudal and state agents among the people. We can analyze state of damages causing by informers from the period of anti British struggle to till now. Mir sadik like people betrayed people and inflicted serious damage to the freedom movement. In case of Sangolli rayanna also this happened. This is repeating till now in revolutionary and national liberation movement areas.

Reactionary governments are trying to build vast network of informers to eliminate our party and revolutionary movement. They are doing this in the name of socio economic development in revolutionary movement areas. They were building this by providing attractive incentives and huge sums of money and employment etc. This was proved in the cases of sheshegowda and venkatesh also. So it is not possible to see liberally about police informers. In Karnataka we lost 8 comrades by the acts of police informers. We did not take actions on them early.

We preferred to educate and convince them to being with the people and their cause. But by state's instigation and self initiative some exploiters become active police informers. As they did not heed to the people's interests intentionally, it becomes inevitable for us to take actions on them. It is essential to safeguard the people's interests. We will not spare any police informers if they continue their anti people activities

Karnataka government had announced several packages on eliminating each of great revolutionaries. But no one of them not implemented practically. This shows intention and hoax of their packages,I,e only to create false illusion among the people. At the same time they are aggressively bringing forward anti people projects and policies in the name of upliftment of the people Etc. implementing various suppressive measures like forming notorious anti naxalite force, foisting false cases on struggling people, arrests, fake encounters, instigating communal and caste clashes, Pitting one against other etc. They are snatching away the people and country's livelihood in rural as well as urban areas in the name of development, industrialization as per the dictates of imperialists and local compradors.

Reactionary Bjarangadal leaders are acting as police agents, trying to organize reactionary people and common people against the on going revolutionary struggle in malnad and Karavali.For this they are adopting cunning methods of their own . Sangh parivaar is doing
miss and disinformation campaign against us by distributing vulgar leaflets in the name of jagrutha karnataka as per their culture. In that, they are attacking progressive and democratic individuals and organizations also.

We are appealing common and democratic people not to heed ill hatched stories of reactionary bajarangadal leaders, as it is against to the people and democracy .We are calling to fight against fascist bajarangadal leaders. We are seriously warning Bajarangadal and sangh parivaar leaders to stop anti people activities immediately. Other wise they have to face people's wrath in near future.

we strongly condemning anti people policies and acts of the government and demanding to stop those immediately. We strongly demanding cancell all those anti people projects which enables to uprooting of people's lives and country.

The need of the hour is all struggling people should do united and uncompromising fight against the common enemy-I.e. feudalism, state and imperialism – of the people by all their might and means. That only protects life and lands of the people and the country.

We are appealing all pro people and pro democratic forces to hail and support ongoing revolutionary war all over India for uprooting this rotten and fascist social system and for building new democratic social system, where people will decide every thing.

Yours in struggle
For the state committee

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posted by Resistance 6/06/2007 11:34:00 PM,


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