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Condemn the Brutal Fascist Onslaught on the Revolutionary Movement by the Central and State governments!

We put here an old statement(18 January 2006) of CPI(Maoist) which was received recently. We put it for archive. Source: email

Press Release:

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

Condemn the Brutal Fascist Onslaught on the Revolutionary Movement by the Central and State governments!

Observe Bharath Bandh (Strike) on January 26th !!

Ever since the historic merger of the two main Maoist streams in India and the formation of the CPI(Maoist) in September 2004, the reactionary big comprador-feudal ruling classes of India, with the active support and advice of the US imperialist global terrorists, had unleashed a massive all-round offensive, with the military offensive as the chief component, against the people's war led by the new Party. Declaring that Naxalism is the principal threat in the country today and propagating that Maoists have established a Red Corridor or Compact Revolutionary Zone from Nepal to AP or even upto Kerala, the reactionary ruling classes have drawn up plans to drown the people's movements in rivers of blood.

The UPA government led by the Congress at the Centre and the state governments of AP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chathisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra, West Bengal, MP, UP, Uttaranchal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc., led by various comprador bourgeois-feudal parties including the revisionist parties, have launched joint operations and countrywide coordinated attacks under the Joint Operational Command. Two Joint Task Forces led by AP DGP and Jharkhand DGP were set up in September 2005. The Chief Ministers, Chief Secretaries, and DGPs of 13 states are meeting frequently to effectively implement this gory plan of enacting blood-bath in these states.

The ruling classes have been cherishing the fond dream of suppressing the rapidly advancing people's war in the country and the emerging alternative people's revolutionary political power in vast tracts of Dandakaranya (Chhathisgarh and Maharashtra), Jharkhand, AP, Bihar, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh and the spreading movement in West Bengal, Uttaranchal, UP and other states. The region stretching from Jharkhand to AP is strategically important for the Indian ruling classes and the imperialists as this region contains most of the minerals and forest wealth in the country. The new alternative power of the masses at the grass-roots which represents genuine democracy is, obviously, intolerable to the exploiters ruling our country whose so-called democracy is exposed as the rule of the corrupt, authoritarian, communal and fascist forces that bulge at the expense of the vast majority of the masses of our country. Hence the ruling classes have drawn up a complete plan to unleash a brutal reign of terror to pave the way for investments from the CBB and the MNCs in this vast mineral-rich region and to nip the growing revolutionary people's democratic power in the entire region.

The ruling classes have resorted to the age-old dual policy of carrot and stick i.e., reform and repression, to divide the people as well as to suppress them most cruelly. They have poured huge sums of money to win over a tiny section of the people in the areas of armed struggle, set up private armies on a big scale in almost all the states to eliminate revolutionaries and democratic individuals and create white terror, created covert agents and informers from the poorer sections through coercion and outright bribery, killed hundreds of people belonging to the Maoist Party or sympathetic to the revolution, arrested and tortured thousands of people, raped and molested women and destroyed the property of anyone suspected to have links with the revolutionaries.

And this onslaught has reached horrendous proportions in Dandakaranya region of Chattisgarh where over a hundred people had been killed, including 15 women, 2 minors, 9 old-aged persons, 35 women were raped, 1300 houses in 70 villages were burnt down, and property worth over RS 3½ crore was looted from the poor adivasis during the murderous campaign of salwa judum (so-called shanti yatra) since June last. Led by feudal gangster and the pet-dog of Marvari traders lobby, CBB and imperialists, Mahendra Karma; Ram Vichar Netam, the state Home Minister and police and central security forces are invading the hamlets of revolutionary masses of Bastar (Dantewada, Bastar and Kanker) and taking up mopping up (destroy all, loot all and kill all) campaigns. More than fifteen thousand people were forcefully displaced and forced to stay in the slavish like concentration-camps of the mercenary armed forces and local reactionary armed gangs. The government, in order to cover up its heinous campaign, has launched a big false propaganda campaign claiming that Salwa Judum is a people's revolt against the armed hegemony and atrocities of the Naxalites. The media, particularly of Chhattisgarh, is trying to manufacture consent for this campaign of terror by spreading blatant lies and falsehood and willfully suppressing the truth.

In AP, state-sponsored terrorism became one of the chief means of suppressing the revolutionary movement from the time of Naidu's TDP government and even earlier. The lumpen gangs, which call themselves Nallamala Tigers, Narsa Cobras, Green Tigers, Kranti sena, Kakatiya Tigers, Palnadu Tigers, Nayeem gang, etc., were set up, equipped, and trained by the SIB. These gangs had brutally murdered several leaders of democratic organizations and family members of revolutionaries under the direction of the YSR fascist government.

In Jharkhand, the SP of East Sighbhum had openly declared sendra against Naxalites in 2003 itself and 9 Maoists were killed in Lango village by the feudal goondas-police combine. In Giridih and Saranda area in West Singhbhum, the former Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Babulal Marandi, and his brother had organized several gram raksha dals forcing muslims to be in the forefront thereby making them scapegoats. However, their plans were shattered after the Bheluvaghati retaliation in Giridih. Nagarik Suraksha Samiti, Gram Suraksha Samithi and Shanti Sena are being formed in Jharkhand.

In Bihar, the massacres by private armies of the feudal forces, aided and abetted by the state, are well-known. Ranaveer Sena, Lorik Sena, Brahmarshi Sena, Sunlight Sena etc., were used extensively against the revolutionaries and the struggling masses. Although most of these senas were defeated by the people led by the Maoists, the state has been trying to revive Ranaveer Sena and others. In West Bengal, the campaign is conducted through Gana Suraksha samiti and the CPI(M)'s hoodlums; in Maharshtra through Gaon Bandi and so on.

Thus salwa judum and sendra are part of the bigger plan of plundering the entire region from Jharkhand to AP without hindrance by suppressing the Maoists. The police, para-military and army act as the hatchet men of POSCO, Tata, Jindal, Mittal, Ruia, World Bank and various imperialist powers and pounce on the revolutionary movement branding the Maoists and all those democratic forces struggling against their exploitation as "terrorists". This is but natural as in the past year alone, over Rs. 3,00,000 crores of MOUs were signed by these business houses and the imperialists in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Orissa alone. The massacre of 12 adivasis in Kalinga Nagar industrial area in Orissa on January 2nd shows the pre-hatched conspiracy of the imperialist-big business-bureaucrat-politician criminal combine to spread terror among the adivasis and subdue their protests. The ferocity of the white terror reflects the insatiable greed of the imperialist vultures and the big business houses for mineral and forest wealth.

The huge mining and extraction industries being set up by these houses, the hydel, irrigation and multi-purpose projects being built with the aid of the World Bank, the so-called social forestry in the adivasi areas do not lead to 'development' but 'destruction'. Destruction of the forests, pollution of the rivers and environment and the plunder of the vast mineral wealth of the country by the mining mafia--such is the result of the neo-liberal LPG policies pursued by the ruling classes in league with the imperialists, who leave no stone unturned to suppress the local adivasis and the revolutionaries to achieve their greedy ends. Economic liberalization and globalization require fascist political repression.

The people of our country face a clear choice — and that is not between so called peace and 'terrorism', but between the rule of this mafia led by the imperialists and that of the masses led by the Maoists. The lines are clearly being drawn; all must decide where they stand.

The CC, CPI(Maoist), calls upon the Party ranks, PLGA fighters and the people of the country to observe general strike (Bandh) on 26 January, to organize meetings, rallies and protest demonstrations, and take up massive propaganda campaign. They should thus demonstrate their strong opposition to the neo-liberal and repressive policies of the ruling classes and their unflinching support to the people's war led by the CPI((Maoist). We pledge to expand and advance the people's war to every corner of our country and defeat the enemy through intensification of the armed agrarian revolutionary war. All reactionaries are paper tigers; people are real heroes. People's war is invincible.

• Stop State and State-sponsored Terror in the name of Salwa Judum in Dandakarnya!

• Fight to Scrap the Steel Plants and Mining industries in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Orissa!

• Punish the police officials responsible for the Kalinga Nagar massacre! Hand back all lands snatched from the adivasis in the name of development!

• Stop all fake encounters, arrests, torture and harassment of Maoists and their sympathizers; disband armed private lumpen gangs illegally maintained by the governments and the political parties; Scrap all Black acts and stop infringement of the fundamental rights of citizens!

• Fight against the imperialist-dictated LPG policies that are ruining the lives of the masses!

• Fight for the Immediate and Unconditional Release of comrades Barun, Bijoy, Tapas and all political prisoners!

General Secretary,
Central Committee (provisional),
18 January 2006


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