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"we will not need the outside support of the Naxals. We ourselves will become Naxals" Kalinga Nagar people

Jaipur/Orissa: The Naxals have moved out of the forests of Southern Orissa, and are now targeting the state's growing industrial hubs including the Kalinganagar and the Chromite Mines of the Sukinda valley.

Five hundred Naxals s are reportedly active in Orissa using local criminals to extort money from mine owners and contractors."We are told not to mention the name of Naxals in our operation as they have threatened to kill us. If we collect an amount of Rs three lakhs for the Naxal leaders we get a share of around Rs 25, 000," says a local gang leader.

The Naxals found their issue at Kalinganagar a year ago when 13 tribals were killed in police firing over land acquisition protests. The Naxals are now extending their full support to the displaced tribals."If the government keeps exploiting us like this then we will not need the outside support of the Naxals. We ourselves will become Naxals," says president, Bistaphan Birodhi Manch, Chakradhar Haiburu.

The Orissa government hopes to wean displaced tribals away from the Naxals by starting fresh discussions with them, and at the same time dealing firmly with the Naxals."We have information that the Naxals are extorting money in this area. We will firmly take action against them whenever we get information and give protection to the people there," says Home Secretary, Orissa, Tarun Kanti Mishra.

However, trade union leaders allege that industry and mine owners flout many laws themselves so they rarely approach the police for help" When they themselves are at fault, they do not have courage to lodge complain against the Naxals who project themselves as pro workers," says trade union leader, Sukinda, Mayadhar Nayak.

Rehabilitation and resettlement remains the biggest challenge of the Orissa government as it industrialises the state.Until they resolve the issue with integrity, the Naxals will find plenty of support in these emerging industrial areas.


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posted by Resistance 4/19/2007 09:35:00 AM,


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