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Maoists to resist formation of SEZs

K. Srinivas Reddy

HYDERABAD : The Maoists have vowed to oppose and resist the formation of the 300 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) terming them efforts to form "de facto foreign enclaves" thereby enabling foreign and local sharks to grab prime agricultural lands.
This was one of the key decisions taken by the 9th Unity Congress of the Maoist party held recently.

The congress, attended by over 100 Maoist leaders from 16 States, was intended to fine-tune the course of armed revolution.
It was held after the merger of two major revolutionary parties, the Maoists Communists Centre of India (MCCI) and the People's War.

"Disputes resolved"

The congress, according to a Maoist statement, was held in one of the guerrilla zones amid what it called the Government's all-out efforts to obstruct it.
The meeting elected members of the central committee and successfully resolved the "disputes on political issues" that arose after the merger.

Mupalla Laxmana Rao, who goes by the nom de guerre Ganapathi, was re-elected general secretary of the party.

The Unity Congress, which reaffirmed the line of revolution with agrarian revolution as its axis and protracted people's war as its path, resolved to develop guerrilla zones into base areas; strengthen the mass base; transform the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) into a People's Liberation Army (PLA); and advance guerrilla war into a mobile war.
A press release signed by Mr. Ganapathi said that the congress adopted five policy documents, including the strategies and tactics to be employed in the changing scenario.
Political resolution

A political resolution on the current international and domestic situations was also passed.
The Government policies, it said, were leading to further marginalisation of Dalits, students, youth, women and tribals.

There was massive displacement of tribals and forest-dwellers by huge mining and irrigation projects such as Posco, Kalinganagar, bauxite mines in Orissa, Chargaon and Raoghat in Chhattisgarh, bauxite mines and the Polavaram project in Andhra Pradesh, iron mines and uranium projects in Jharkhand.The Maoist party called upon people to revolt and oppose the government programmes.



posted by Resistance 2/22/2007 02:14:00 AM,


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