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Call of the Unity Congress-9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist)

Oppressed people of India and the world! Rise up as a tide to smash Imperialism!
Advance the Revolutionary war throughout the world!!

The imperialist-sponsored policies being pursued by the ruling classes are devastating the lives of the already impoverished masses of the country on a scale unheard of in post-1947 India. No matter which party is in power at the Centre or in the States, all are aggressively pushing these policies of LPG in all spheres of the economy and social life of the country.

The grip of the imperialists, particularly of the US, is tightening, with each passing day, over every aspect of the life of the country. This is the result of the growing and deepening crisis of imperialism which has particularly hit the number one imperialist, the US. Bogged down in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an economic crisis in its economy, the US imperialists are facing serious problems. Facing worldwide opposition to their terroristic and warmongering policies and greater contention from rival imperialist powers, the US imperialists are getting more and more desperate. The crisis is intensifying all the contradictions worldwide, including India.

The people of India and the World are not taking these attacks lightly; they are fiercely resisting these attacks on their lives. But, their resistance is being crushed with fascist brutality and ruthlessness, where all countries have equipped themselves with terroristic laws. Due to the weakness of the genuine communist forces, the Maoists, to lead these struggles, the people’s resistance faces problems of further intensification and tends to go around in circles. But the outbursts continue to intensify as seen with the massive revolts witnessed over Khairlanji in Maharashtra and the revolts in France. Where the Maoists movements have taken roots, as in India, Nepal, Philippines, Turkey, Peru, etc the revolts have taken the form of systematic armed resistance.

In India the policies of the rulers have affected the lives of every section of the masses while giving gigantic wealth to big business, TNCs the big semi-feudal elements and all their agents in the country. The worst affected are the poorest in the country.

The peasantry and landless poor have been the worst affected due to these policies pushing over one lakh to suicide and lakhs more to deeper and deeper hunger. The depth of the crisis is due to all the WTO, IMF, World Bank dictated policies that has badly hit also the middle peasants and even a section of the rich peasantry. The Unity Congress (9th Congress) of the CPI(Maoist) calls upon the vast oppressed peasantry to rise as a storm against these policies to sweep away their oppressors and establish their own people’s power from village to village.

Together with the polices of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation have come massive attacks on the working class and vicious attempts to bind labour hand-and-foot, which has facilitated a massive loot by big business. Massive contracturalisation of labour, wage freeze, VRS, dismissals, curbs on recruitment, anti-labour Court Judgments, de-facto ban on strikes, etc. are leading to greater and greater impoverisation of the entire working class. Rural destitution is resulting in lakhs of migrant labour floating around the urban pockets eking out a hand-to-mouth existence in a state of semi-starvation. The Congress calls on the working class to throw off the chains of the revisionists, reformists, and reactionary trade unionists and take to militants struggles against the attacks on their living standards and democratic rights.

The present policies have led to the further marginalisation of tribals and all forest dwellers, with huge projects leading to massive displacements. Mining and dam projects like Posco, Kalinganagar, bauxite mines etc in Orissa; Chargaon and Raoghat in Chattisgarh, bauxite mines and Polavaram project in AP, massive iron mines, and uranium projects in Jharkhand; and other such projects throughout the country. The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls on all forest dwellers to resist till the end the massive displacement taking place and protect their land and forests from the robbers and looters that seek to seize them.

The 300 planned SEZs (Special Economic Zones) are all set to create defacto foreign enclaves within our country by grabbing lakhs of acres of prime agricultural land by the foreign and local sharks. Together with this, to turn urban centres into elite enclaves and pave the way for big business retail chains, ruthless demolitions and eviction of lakhs of people are taking place demolishing slums and even permanent housing. The Unity Congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls on the people to resist the seizure of their lands and houses and beat back the demolition hordes by whatever means possible.

The big growth of imperialist capital in the country and that of the CBB has increased the expansionist designs of the Indian ruling classes which are resorting to greater and greater domination of the countries of South Asia. The Unity Congress supports the struggles of the people of South Asia against Indian expansionism and calls on the Indian people to be in the forefront of the struggle against Indian expansionism.

The heroic struggles of the nationalities particularly those of the Kashmiri and North East people, are continuing for decades against the oppressive Indian state. The Unity Congress of the CPI(Maoist) supports the struggles of the oppressed nationalities for their right to self-determination, including secession; and calls on the people of India not to fall prey to the hysterical Indian propaganda and lend support to these struggles.

Imperialist and feudal culture has increased the exploitation and patriarchal oppression of women on a massive scale. So-called dowry deaths, increased sexual exploitation, and growing violence and discrimination by the state, feudal and male chauvinist forces, on women, has led to the massive increase on women’s oppression. The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls on women to rise against this crude exploitation/oppression, assert their rights, and stand up and fight all forms of oppression and discrimination by organising powerful women movements.

With greater dalit assertion there has been a big increase in attacks on dalits, together with the continuation of existing discrimination due to the disgusting practice of untouchability. The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls on all dalits to rally under the revolutionary banner to militantly resist these growing attacks and discrimination on them and mobilise all the oppressed to continue the struggle to root out the caste system from its roots.

The Imperialist/CBB offensive together with the continuing stagnant semi-feudal relations has created a nightmare-like situation for the students and youth of the country who are facing a bleak future of unemployment, under-employment, cultural degeneration, careerism and desperation. The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls on the student and youth of the country to resist these attacks and join the revolutionary movement on a huge scale to create a truely new democratic society, which alone can sole the problems they face.

The massive imperialist/TNC/CBB offensive have pushed lakhs of small industries and traders to bankruptcy and continues to do so. The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls on all such small business to lend whatever possible support to the on-going people’s war as it is only through the democratic transformation of society they will be able to break free from imperialist/CBB strangulation and semi-feudal restriction of their markets.

The big imperialist offensive, continuing deep stagnation in the rural economy, the cruel hindu fascist attacks and the brutal State authority is affecting all aspects of the life of the country creating great disillusionment and frustration amongst the progressive and democratic intellectuals throughout the country. The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls on all the progressive and democratic intellectuals to raise their voice against all forms of injustice and state repression and thereby become a part of the overall democratic and revolutionary stream in the country.

Finally, the Indian anti-imperialist movement is part and parcel of the worldwide movement against imperialism, particularly US imperialism. Particularly the heroic armed resistance of the Iraqi people and Afghan people are in the forefront of these great battles. Together with this growing movements in the backward countries and the mass upsurges in the imperialist countries, particularly those led by the Maoist parties, is an important part of the worldwide anti-imperialist movement. The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) lends full support to these anti-imperialist movements and calls on the Indian people to strongly condemn the aggressive war-mongering policies US imperialism throughout the world and supports the people’s resistance, particularly those of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine.

Citizens of India,

The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) finally calls on the people of Indian to come forward in large numbers to support the ongoing people’s war in the country and the embryonic power emerging, to build a truely democratic society built on justice, equality, free from the chains of imperialism and semi-feudal bondage.

Unity Congress-9th Congress,
February 1st 2007


posted by Resistance 2/20/2007 02:00:00 AM,


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